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Kevin & Billy Blanks TAEBO Founder

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Meet Melissa Gudaitis Pictures below with Kevin. She has successfully lost 45 pounds and kept it off with our Amazing Fat Burning Fun Kickboxing Classes! 

Supportive Teacher of Success

A Little more with Kevin

He was a World Champion Fighter

he will be teaching you the right way with Fun and Positive Support

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Courtney and Kevin Before she lost the last 15

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Kevin Sullivan our founder, grew up in Ct. running his schools for over 30+ years! Never far from competing successfully, he made his passion his business. Today, at Kickboxing Women Love .com giving Classes, Fitness, Weight Loss with Personalized Training working with Clients getting them the results they need fast or your Money Back Guaranteed-30 Day.

If they can all be Successes so can you!

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Salma Malik reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star

April 25, 2017 at 11:05pm · 

New to kickboxing but I love it already! Such a great way and different way to get cardio in! Kevin is a great instructor! He knows his stuff when it comes to kickboxing and self defense especially! The class is full of friendly and supportive people who are there for the same reason I am which helps too! Judgement free! I encourage everyone to join or at least try out a day, I guarantee you'll love it if you really want to see results!

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Kevin Sullivan your Teacher Teaching Karate Seminars Throughout New England and

The Country, Plus 53 Schools & Colleges.

Pictured with a Black Belt Seminar at 

Masters McCoys with Kevin Sullivan's Daughter 6th Degree Black Belt

Colleen Sullivan-Matuzick

the true facts and benefits of our amazing kickboxing!

If they can do it you can do it!

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All shapes and Sizes are welcomed, from way out of shape to in super shape we have an action plan  for you!

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Video #2 of How Mediation

we Offer can change your life!

Daryl on left has been training for the last 19 years with us, Taylor, Kevin Sullivan & Alexandra

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This is Courtney M. After Losing 25 Pounds

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For more Information for our Amazing Kids Karate Programs -Just Click Here

Left is Tokyo Joe a Three Time World Champion and Tournament Competition Legend with Melissa Gudaitis Top Kickbox Student who's sons Evan & Ryan Train.

Kevin's Daughter 6th Degree Black Belt
Colleen Sullivan-Matuzick Owner of Empower Karate and Kickboxing in Torrington Connecticut.

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Kevin age 57

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The Girls are Beautiful People!

  Jessica After Kickboxing One Year Later Same Beach Same Bikini!

Women's Kickboxing

Classes in Connecticut!

Jessica Started just like you!

 Working her Kickboxing combos.

She got Amazing Fast Weight Loss 

and a Full Body Makeover!


Here they are Happy, Positive, Upbeat, Fun Pleasant People! You can join them!

Realize your fitness Dreams! Clothes that fit better, More Energy & Higher Self Esteem!

​100% Money Back Guarantee- Because we stand behind our Quality Classes

Antoinette lost 46 Pounds •  Nikki Lost 63 Pounds

Becky Marjorie reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star

April 18 at 4:56pm · 

I've been here for 3 years and I absolutely love it. It has completely changed my life. I'm a much healthier person physically and mentally. I've lost 80 pounds and working on my goal of 100 pounds. Everyone here is positive, encouraging and supportive. Kevin is very professional and knowledgeable about what he is teaching. I read through the reviews on here and see 1 out of 100 negative reviews. It goes to show that not everyone can appreciate what the school has to offer. Additionally you never know who can write a bad review. It could be a competitor or someone with a bad adittude.Type your paragraph here.

Ginny Martin reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star  March 31, 2016 · 
I am ageless. I am fearless. I am a kickboxing goddess. Four months ago I closed one door and literally walked across the parking lot to open another one that would be my life changing decision. I introduced myself to Kevin and told him my daughter's said I definitely could do this. I told Kevin I tried the gym but I wasn't disciplined enough to stick with it. I can talk myself out of anything. We chatted about my goals and he said if I was serious come to class Monday at 8:15 PM. What? Seriously? He told me if I was serious I would be there. Monday came. I was burnt out from work and the last thing I wanted to do was to wait until 8:15 PM to go kickboxing. But I did. It was the hardest, it was the most challenging but the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself. I do not regret one thing about my decision. Kevin may challenge us in each class but he works at building our self confidence and reminds us of why each one of us walked through that door. I am ageless. I will be 59 in June. I am fearless. I am not afraid to push myself when I think I can't push myself any further. I am a kickboxing goddess thanks to Kevin Sullivan. Thank you Kevin.

Ally Pfeiffer reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star
April 18 at 12:05pm · 

I had so much fun at class last night! It was my first class and I was definitely nervous, but the environment was very welcoming, especially the instructor Kevin. The class is very modifiable. I enjoyed it very much and can't wait to go back, even though I'm sore today!

Jen Soto reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star
March 20 

This class was and is amazing! After the first class I was sore for a week. The atmosphere is incredible. If you're tired of sticking you're headphones in your ears and running on the treadmill then come over. Everyone is so supported and ready to help you meet your goal. Big shout out to our instructor Kevin!!

Jill Bean reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star
March 2

Kevin is the best! Keeps it fun and exciting and keeps you on track with your goals! I would recommend his program to anyone ready to get some serious results!! #KevinYouRock!!

Michelle Marie reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star
December 14, 2016 · 

Loved this class best Fitness class ever , everyone was positive and friendly!! The guy Rocks and motivated me!!!! Best place ever!!

Tini Wini reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star
March 8
Took my first kickboxing class today and it was absolutely awesome �Will definitely continue working out with Kevin � Great people, great atmosphere! Highly recommended... you, we, I rock this, yes �

Coryn Muszynski reviewed Kickboxing Farmington 

— 5 star
January 5
Kevin was super amazing has a great class very motivated and supported. Doesn't hesitate to teach one on one...Omg in love with this class

Kayla Meehan reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 starJuly 29, 2016 · 
Never ever in my life did I see myself going to a group fitness class. My coworker convinced me to go to a class with her and it was the best decision I have ever made for myself. I've been kickboxing for about 4 months and I have every intention to continue for as long as my body allows. This isn't just a group workout, it's a great group of people all cheering each other on inspiring each other to be successful. Kevin is a great instructor, a great motivator and has a lot of good advice. Do I hate him sometimes? Sure, especially during those thunder runs! (Kidding Kevin!) but really he has helped me so much. I have developed will power I never knew I had. My stress levels are under control, my attitude is better, I have changed my eating habits and most importantly, I know I am being held accountable. I initially joined because I wanted to lose weight, and I have! 11 pounds in 3 months ! But this class has helped me in so many ways. Is it hard? You bet. Is it worth it? Hell yes.

Beth Ostroski reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star 19 hrs · 
I love the amazing workout I get and the positive energy that Kevin provides. It has been a wonderful experience for me. #kfrocksyes!!

January 5 · 
Very upbeat place!!! Love the support and everyone is nice!!!! Great music and an awesome workout as well!!!!

Deaneira Lakheram reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star February 22 · 

Loved it Great Class! Kevin is an inspiration! Fun group very positive environment I honestly think everyone should try it.

Lee Dumas reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star
November 29, 2016 

Such a great class, so glad to be back after too long away. Always feel motivated and empowered.

Riley DiNoia reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
January 19 ·
Just left my first class a few hours ago and already can't wait for next week!

Abigail Moschini reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
October 23, 2016 

My mom started kickboxing and she LOVES it. She enjoys it so much that she is going to start attending twice a week! Thanks Kevin for helping my mom get fit!

Christine Nez reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
March 18

I've never bought a better Groupon and I plan to continue once my voucher is up. Love it!

Cindy Gray reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
April 11, 2016 

I stepped so far out of my comfort zone and went to my 1st class tonight and I'm so glad I did!! Everyone there was super nice and very helpful, Kevin is such an amazing man and has a great way of teaching the class. I'm over weight and thought I would feel very uncomfortable but I didn't, I felt like I had been going there for years plus I made a lot of new friends. I'm so happy I went for it and I know Kevin is going to get me where I need to be!!

Jenni Ann reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star
March 7 ·
Great workout! Very motivating and staff was very welcoming 

Rae Lefebvre reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star
August 4, 2016 · 

Kevin is very knowledgeable in the art of kickboxing. Although I was only with him for two months, I was able to develope my art along side a great family of folks. I am very grateful for being a part of his class and all the help he gave.

Ruth Kidwell reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
October 6, 2015 · 

Best thing that ever happened to me. Proof that people of all shapes and sizes can succeed! You WILL gain confidence, energy, and a new appreciation for your own achievements. Striking just the right balance between tough love and genuine compassion, Kevin is a true motivator and you'll quickly feel and look like a new and improved version of yourself!

Stephanie Orlando Reader reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star
October 15, 2016 

Awesome class! I learned a lot!! I recommend this class to all women.

Zully Rivera reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
March 17, 2016 · 

Looking forward to those nights I have classes. .NEVER boring...every visit n class is an adventure n challenge for me..not only da workouts. .theres a HUGE boost in moral and towards YOUR self esteem. .cant find this in many places...success is believing in yourself...And I have started..

Kathleen Neal reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star
October 5, 2015

Love leaving the world outside the door and spending time just taking care of me. Challenging and fun workouts clear the chatter in the head. Great way to end the day.

Vicky Nasc reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star
March 1, 2016 

THIS IS THE WORKOUT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Kickboxing is not just an hour-long workout - it is a total rejuvenation for the mind and body. During class, any stress I have melts away and I feel stronger to handle anything. Usually group classes are intimidating, but Kevin and the Kickbox Farmington community are super friendly & motivating and everyone is welcome, no matter what size or skill! Kevin's routines never get stale and I feel there is a huge benefit of learning a skill while working out - there is no greater feeling of empowerment than being able to protect and defend yourself! You know the gym isn't working for you so do yourself a BIG favor and check it out!!

Margaret Sanchez reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
April 5, 2016

I love this class Kevin Sullivan and my fellow kickboxers keep me motivated..... I look forward to class every week!!

Sarah Kaufman reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
July 25, 2015 · 

Developed excruciating pain in my right hip and leg after starting classes. After a month, went to an orthapedist who said I have deteriorating cartridge in my right hip and continuing classes will speed up my arthritis. Kevin is working with me personally on a modified workout so I can continue classes and get those six-pack abs with out the pain that prevents me from sleeping at night and enjoying life. If you want a place that cares about you and your personal fitness goals, this is it.

Shanese Davis reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
July 23, 2015 ·

I absolutely love this class. I have lost 35lbs in less than a year. The trainer Kevin Sullivan is the must motivating person I've ever met. He's not a hard ass and will teach you the correct technique as well. I advise anyone to join

Michelle Sinatro reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star
April 22, 201
5 · 

Kickboxing Farmington rocks! The energy is so uplifting; women of all ages, shapes and sizes encouraging each other every class! Kevin provides a challenging work out and PLENTY of motivation to help get through it. It's an amazing place that assists people in reaching their fitness goals, and I highly recommend it!

Bruny and Noel Perez reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 5 star
March 17, 2015 

I love my kickboxing class ! I've never felt so motivated in working out as I am now. I was one to start working out and quit because I get bored, not here though. Kevin Sullivan keeps us going, gives us all motivation that we can do it and gives us all positive energy the music is great and everyone in the class are very supportive and respectful.

Xulei Estrella reviewed Kickboxing Farmington — 

5 star
April 2, 2014 

This has definitely been the best decision I have ever made! Kickboxing here with Kevin doesnt only helps you and encourages you to reach your weight goals, but it also relieves stress and boosts up your self esteem. Kevin doesnt only encourage every person to strive to be their best but also coaches you on nutrition.The atmosphere here is the friendliest most encouraging one I have enver encounter! So if you are looking to stay healthy, loose weight, or just to tone up this is the place. Plus its a lot of fun!

Kateri Ellise Weber reviewed Kickboxing Farmington —

 5 star
August 8, 2013 

This place it great Kevin and Darryl are wonderful they motivate you to do your best and they help to show you what you can really accomplish within yourself! Give It a try you wont be disappointed!

Thank you for taking the time to read honest, verifiable Reviews shared with us by some Great People! 

If you think this may work for you, Great!

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​We will discuss your needs and make sure we understand you and what you want to Achieve!!

Here is Kim, Joe, Fran, Kay, Samantha, Scott,

Lauren pictured with Kevin.

Achieving their goals! 

Belt Achievement is a Big Help, as well as a 

 visual goal setting accomplishment! 

100% Money Back Guarantee-

 Because we stand behind our Quality Classes

We also have an excellent program for children that is Safe, Fun and develops Sports Skills, as well as Leadership and Amazing Life Skills. Parent's Love the Progress of the kids!

100% Money Back Guarantee- Because we stand behind our Quality Classes

All of these Videos, Reviews of and from our Awesome Clients and Students Can't be All Wrong. 

All Reviews are Honest and True, not some slick, full of hot air slickster lies.

Al Reviews have been written by real Kickbox clients that love what we do.

Our regular prices are comparable to over 1,000 other Kickboxing Schools Internationally.

and they do not have a World Champion or even a Black Belt Instructor in many instances. 

It really is buyer beware across the Country/World.

You can call, after checking out everything on the page first please and we will try our best to serve you, if you are polite.

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You will need to book ahead due to popularity of our Programs, we will try our best to get you started as soon as possible.

All Programs have 30 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, we stand behind our high quality program.

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Video#2 of How Self Defense Training

we Offer can change your life!

Lose Weight Fast with a Fun Class! Farmington Kickboxing class will Tone your Tummy Flat & Melt 10 Pounds of Ugly  Fat Fast while Toning Arms! Get Sexy Toned Legs.

 Unlike the Gym. We are Not Boring!

​Make all your friends jealous, wanting to know what you do & why you look Amazing!

All Shapes and All Sizes in a Positive, Comfortable, Safe & Professional Training  Class.

We Feature a Class that is personalized to accommodate your fitness level and self.

All classes are challenging, not easy, however it is worth the effort your will put into class.

We get Amazing results for everyone from 400 pound clients to fashion and bikini models.

Front row: Kaichi, Melissa, Meaveen Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan, Colleen Sullivan-Matuzick, Leslie, Debbie, Mary

​100% Money Back Guarantee- Because we stand behind our Quality Classes

You will enjoy practicing with these great ladies. The hardest step is your first one to try it!

 Tracy, Stacey, Becky, Stephanie, Lindsay, Kaichi, Nikki 

Front Row Andrienne, Kevin, Jinee

​100% Money Back Guarantee- Because we stand behind our Quality Classes

I know how to Stay Strong and Fit!

I know how to get You Strong & Fit!

You Can and Will be Fit, Firm and Fabulous!

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The Truth is Women excel and succeed with a busy exercise with lots of challenge, social in engagement, friendship building and the right Fun Healthy Fat- Burning Exercises.

The Fact is this description is exactly what our Kickboxing Gives you and this is exactly what you need to be more successful than you ever dreamed!

Plus when you add in my extra Motivation and Proven Class Design, my background as a World Champion Martial Arts Master, that has trained World Champions and made better into them, you can see why I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee because my methods are proven successes for you.

I and my clients have 100% Confidence in the results that are just waiting for you to experience.

You should know I never Quit and I am waiting for you to be my next Success Story.

Dedicated to your Health and Progress,

Kevin Sullivan

10th Degree Black Belt


World Champion Fighting KRANE

National Weapons Forms Champion

Successful Champion NASKA & KRANE

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Are you way out of shape?

Have you failed at your attempts to workout?  

We can  guide you for better results.

If you want success & get in great shape. My name is Kevin a former World Champion Fighter, I have been motivating & teaching for over 35 years. I will help you succeed if you are serious.  Kevin Sullivan

Jessica Before Kickboxing

 Pictures of Jessica R. Mother of 3,

Fifteen pounds overweight age 36,

before she started Kickboxing. 

Then see her picture Bikini Body,

after 104 Amazing Kickbox Classes

Billy Blanks

Creator of TaeBo


World Champion Kevin Sullivan

If you got this far: you read, heard and saw all the proof a person could ever need

to make an informed decision.

Either you will decide to improve or not.

the choice is yours!

30 day Money back Guarantee!

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Thank you, Kevin.

Daryl Phin 19 Years of Continuous Training with our school

 and still going strong!!

We Look forward to meeting your and Positive Attitude,

take the step and get going we will take your Fitness and more,

to a better Amazing Level.



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Kevin Sullivan

Alex 5 • Melissa Lost 45 Pounds • Jess 15

We are Conveniently Located on Rt 4 in Farmington

Just minutes from I-84 & Rtes. 10 & 177

10 minutes form West Hartford Center,

Avon, New Britain, Bristol, Burlington, Canton

Barkhamsted, Farmington, Simsbury

Look for the Pink Lights

Across from Tunxis Golf Course, Driving Range, Mini Golf

Between Green Tea Restaurant and Dunkin Donuts

Located in 



"North Meadows"

Billy Blanks Friend of Kevin and Creator of TaeBo

pictured after training together in Washington DC